Minecraft trophy slots

minecraft trophy slots

Today we check out an amazing Minecraft mod by Lomeli12 that adds Unlockable Inventory Slots through. Trophy Slots slotfree.review minecraft -mods/ trophy - slots Trophy Slots is a simple mod. Earn your inventory slots! Lomeli when using trophy slots when I tried to open baubles and tinkers construct tab in inv it crashed me but when I unlocked the. Minecraft Mods Trophy Slots Mod for Minecraft 1. And, the worst thing, I have broken "J" button Style Default Style Contact Us Help Home Top RSS. And don't worry, it'll work with other mods. Please enter your comment! Andromeda Sign In Register Careers Help Mass Effect: ModMyMCDec 11, Unexpected error at net. I had always wondered if anyone would ever use that texture, I've noticed it on the vanilla texture map but never seen it in use until. GNU Lesser General Public Lice

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Minecraft TROPHY SLOTS MOD [Deutsch] English US Profiler Position: Disables slots in your inventory, which you gain back by completing achievements or via certain items. Would it be possible to have the slots unlock from bottom right to top left? Previous article Overpowered Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1. Featured Posts Minecraft Forge LiteLoader OptiFine HD JourneyMap Mod 1. It's a pretty good mod, although I do wish there was an option to only enable it on hardcore mode and whatnot. Andromeda Skills About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy Zelda Wiki Copyright , Curse Inc. Would it be possible to have the slots unlock from bottom right to top left? Login to Add Favorites. While so many mods focus on making Minecraft easier, or automating tasks, or simplifying procedures, the Trophy Slots actually makes Minecraft harder. You unlock them by completing achievements or using trophies. These grayed out slots can be restored by completing achievements added by this mod, or through the use of specialty items, also implemented by the mod. This mod actually disables the majority of your inventory, leaving you with very little carrying capacity and, therefore, a significantly reduced ability to farm, build, hunt and mine on the fly. Overview Overview Project Info Files Images Issues Source Relations Dependencies Dependents Follow Donate. Last edited by ThexXTURBOXx: This site works best with JavaScript enabled. In reply to GeebsRilie:. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.




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